End Times Beliefs 

We live in a time where God Tells us people will become lovers of themselves, lovers of Money and self righteousness.

I do believe we will see more confusion and lust of the flesh of people pushing their own beliefs. Although that may be painful to watch God is in full control. God knows our heart and Intensions.

There is already a huge deception in the world and the one coming will be something I’m sure we cannot fathom the depths of. However God is a God of miracles who can literally bring back the dead!

The video below got me thinking of the huge desire the world has verses the heart of Christ and what He said to do!

On another note I’ve had a lot of request to do ancient history videos and that of course ties into the bible. It’s my favorite book read and research.


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 Nothing is Impossible for God or with God!

I just want to tell everyone thank you for your love and support. God is so good and so are his people ..and there are many. We live in an interesting time where things are unbelievably happening.

God has really blessed me with the research and understanding *He alone* has given me on these end times. I give Him all the Glory Honor and Praise!

My goal was and still is to expose things & to open up people’s minds to the truth. The Big Big picture is hard to see without the willingness and the open mind.

The truth is …there will be a new world order and we are not to fear this. We need to be ready to be able to understand if & when things happen not to believe the wide level of disinformation.

There will also be a new world religion and a one world…

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