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On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris following a week off for Christmas.  This show is loaded with news pertaining to the coming tipping point.  The financial markets are sure tanking with Russia making moves against the dollar.  The Main Stream News Networks are completely useless in reporting this news as they only report The Stock Market gains.  What do you expect when all news is bought and paid for by Billionaires.  There are many things going on in the background and this show covers many.  Links will be added below:

Tipping Tipping Point Podcast Replay


Suspicious Airline Financial Deal before crash (video)

Russia’s Swift Plan Threatens Global Market (video)

Exo-vaticanus Etra-Terrestrial Quest of The Lost (video)

Freemason Androgyny (video)

Zero Hedge Financial Downturn article

Microchip Dutch Article

Pope Francis Climate Change Fiasco article

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“Little Horn GOOGLE Doodle”


Winter Solstice 2014 Google Doodle


The artists depiction:
The Doodle depicts a cartoon “Father Christmas” helping “two” children to build a snowman before the children’s mother appears and produces a carrot from her shopping bag to use as the snowman’s nose.

My Decoding
Big “G” represents the Great Architect (Osiris) which represented here as the mother Isis which they are one deity …
Little “g” represents the younger resurrected great architect (Horus) and (Set) as one deity.

The big “G” with the “Antenna” on his head “passes” the little horn (carrot) through the 2 gates the second gate the sun Venus has “Antenna Ears”
(the moon and the sun ..the silver and the gold) are Mars and Venus that represent the sun and the moon.
The Carrot in the Google doodle means Little Horn being passed through the gates over time
The gates depicted here have 4 buttons each 4+4=8 and if you criss cross each 4 it makes an XX gates.
(the 8 represents the pyramid)all pagan worshipers worship 8 represents the tau cross mark of the beast.
The 2 pillars are the 2 Gs represent Set (Satan) and the bull Osiris.
The father EL the artists mentions is the two letters left at the end spelled backwards is EL. He gives the green staff to the little horn ..the key (el can also represent an angel of the plural Elohim)
It may be the Angel opening the abyss and the little horn traveling through the gates the golden and silver .. Sun and moon ..the eyes of Horus



Hebrew letters א מ ש


The three elements are represented in the three mother letters:

Aleph א air
Shin ש: fire
Mem מ: water
These three gather in Malkuth, the earth

Mem מ
Venus is a French word in Hebrew it is מ and Hebrew numeral 40 the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. מ is in final position ם means mem the terminal form of the letter (sofeet), used only at the end of a word.
Venus in Greek and Latin is M
In Egyptian Mem hieroglyphic symbol for water.

In the Sefer Yetzirah ( “Book of Formation,” or “Book of Creation,” ספר יצירה), the letter Mem is King over Water, Formed Earth in the Universe, Cold in the Year, and the Belly in the Soul.

The Phoenician letter gave rise to the Greek Mu (Μ), Etruscan 𐌌, Latin M

Aleph א
Means A in Latin over the years the alphabet has changed from A Or Bulls head to א
In Egyptian it means Eagle (Jupiter) in Hebrew it’s OX

In Hindu it means eka and eka is a supercomputer database created in 2007
EKA (supercomputer)

The Eternal Flame
The letter shin appears engraved on both sides of the head- tefilin. On the right side, the shin possesses three heads, while on the left side it possesses four heads. In Kabbalah the three-headed shin is the shin of this world while the four- headed shin is the shin of the World to Come.
Shin letter means Fire for 3 flames
it is the letter S in Latin
The twenty-first letter of the Hebrew
SHIN is the LEG of the BULL


Notice the 3 Hebrew Letters on each crossing
The 10 circles represent the planets

Dendera Zodiac
The Dendera Zodiac tells a story over time of the coming of the antichrist from the story of Osiris Isis Set and Horus they are one deity.
They represent the Antichrist. Draco (Tiamet) used to have control over the leg of the bull (Set) aka Marduk of the bible who in the Enuma Elish texts conquered Draco at some point in time. The wars we have now is because of the worship of Marduk and the dragon.


Jesus is the True God
The world is the beast the flesh is the beast. The only thing that sets us free from the beast is Jesus who freed us from the Mark of Satan. He is the True Gate and the Only Gate to Heaven!
When you accept Jesus as your Savior you are no longer a Slave to this world! Jesus paid our penalty with His Precious Blood!
If you have never been saved please ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your heart today.
God Bless You!

*****Links and Pics Below****

Wealth Adviser: Year of the Carrot for Brokers


Europeans to dump the Americans and join the BRICS alliance starting in Jan 2015
http://t.co/YcHEnA4GMi Via Ben Fulford https://t.co/VkVHEaikoh

Carrot root word Horn
The word Carrot is first recorded in English around 1530 and was borrowed from Middle Frenchcarotte, itself from Late Latin carōta, from Greek καρωτόν karōton, originally from the Indo-European root *ker- (horn)

Hebrew letters Kabaalah

Winged Carrot poem
Poetry of the Root Crop (Bible Hub Link)!
Andromeda poem by Kingsley!



Aleph א air
Shin ש: fire
Mem מ: water


Mithra (Winter Solstice Sign)




As shown in above diagram Venus in French is the Hebrew letter Mem



End Times Matrix News – Barry’s Xmas


A fun Christmas show that pokes fun at President Barry and his Xmas without Christ end of the year Xmas party.  Enjoy the surreal and special music program that accompanies Barry’s Xmas party.  The John Boenher New Years Dance party has been cancelled because no one likes him enough to attend.  Enjoy the surreal-ness of Xmas choreographed chaos news and jabs at President Barry the Honolulu vacationing do nothing good President.

Grinch Barry’s Xmas Special

Show Links:

The Hobbit Movie Review By CBN

Obama Surrenders to Cuba

$1 Trillion Budget Farce

Veterans Affair Article Global Crime Cabal

Christmas Time is Here, A dog approved video

Obama Flees To Hawaii For Xmas


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End Times Matrix News – Queen of Heaven


On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to continue our discussion on the multi-named Gods and Goddesses that are related to the Queen of Heaven and Lucifer.  The beginning of the show starts with a presentation on the Luciferian origins of The United Nations and their agenda to enthrone Lucifer.  This history is very eye opening for those that think they know the history of the United Nations.  During the first portion of the show several connections are made to compress and simplify an understanding of the forces working together to bring in the New World Order.  The second part of the show continues to elaborate on ISIS and the coming ascension of Apollo.  Several pop culture movies are also connected with the Luciferian agenda in this show.  Enjoy the podcast replay.

Fatima The Queen of Heaven Mary Apparition at Fatima which the Muslim world venerates.

Show Links:


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Florida city council summons Satan

Fellowship of the Minds

The city of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County, Florida, has gone to the Devil.

On December 2, 2014, before the Lake Worth City Commission’s meeting, a self-described “anti-theist” named Preston Smith gave an invocation to Satan, among other pagan deities.

The dictionary says “invocation” is “the summoning of a deity or the supernatural.” That means, Smith summoned Satan to Lake Worth.

Before Smith summoned Satan, the city’s mayor Pam Triolo and three of the five city commissioners left the room, but returned later for the Pledge of Allegiance. The remaining five people — 3 men and 2 women, including a stenographer — stood respectfully, with hands clasped, as Smith made his invocation (see below).

Lake Worth city commission meeting

Preston began by extolling atheism, claiming that atheism would lead to a “better community without religious divisions.”

Smith is woefully ignorant about modern history. In the 20th century, officially atheistic communist regimes killed an estimated 94 million people…

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End Times Matrix News – Saturn Matrix


On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I discuss more things connected to the Saturn cube and how it is connected to this fallen nature matrix.  Again this is information that 99% of the population has never heard about in their lives.  Why does the Saturn cult have so much influence over society?  What is behind this Saturn connection and the occult world leaders?  On this show we get into many things related to Christ overcoming this Saturn Matrix.  Why do Muslims walk around a black cube?  Why do some orthodox Jews wear a black cube on their head?  Why does the 911 memorial have a black cube constructed in the ground?  Why does the occult venerate this cube?  Who is the Lord of The Rings of Saturn?  Listen now to this rebroadcast of the Saturn Matrix podcast below:

saturn2 The Saturn Matrix Podcast Link

Links Below:

Hidden in plain sights…

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BREAKING => U.S. Treasury Department Seeking Survival Kits For All Bank Employees!

Political Vel Craft

Matthew 26:14-15, “Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver.” Matthew 26:14-15, “Then Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples, went to the leading priests and asked, “How much will you pay me to betray Jesus to you?” And they gave him thirty pieces of silver.”

Emergency masks, solar blankets to be delivered to every major bank in the U.S.

The Department of Treasury is seeking to order survival kits for all of its employees who oversee the federal banking system, according to a new solicitation.

The emergency supplies would be for every employee at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country. The survival kit includes everything from water purification tablets to solar blankets.

The government is willing to spend up to $200,000 on the kits, according to the solicitation released on Dec. 4.

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