OSIRIS God of Tyranny and The Fixed Horse Race!!!!


This is a tribute to American Pharaoh and the symbolic fixing of horse races and sporting events by The Freemasons to act out their little religious plays in front of our faces.  As you know American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown on a 666 date.  This was to be expected do to the symbolic nature of the event for The followers of Osiris and The coming New World Order of Tyranny that they want to see occur on this planet.  Many are misguided into thinking that we are entering the new era or NEW AGE  a return to the Golden Age.  The Pre-Christian era also the new Trans-humanist era when men can become the little gods that they have always wanted to be since the Garden of Eden.  This pursuit is fulfilling the end times prophetic scriptures of The Holy Bible and according to that picture there will be a…

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