The Beast RISING

Together we must become a praying nation with reverent prayer to change the course of the RISING Beast!

What is happening in our world? Where are the praying Christians standing in Jesus against this dark movement?

Have we become so conditioned as a nation that we cannot see what’s coming? I would say the majority and what’s coming is a huge awaking.

The more people wake up the more we can expose the dark.
When I say dark I mean the Elite that answer straight to Lucifer. Did you ever think to wonder when Satan was cast to the earth he wasn’t able to enter the human world through secret armies underground? If you believe the book of Revelation the end times are like the days of Noah. I do believe they are near!

No one knows the day or hour of Jesus return, but are you ready for the false light when the false Messiah comes? Many will be ready not to be fooled and know who the real Jesus is and many will not.
Satan the beast has been planning this for centuries! I believe the aliens we hear about that are biological entities (Demons) will be used for the dark side in the end times. Demons are fallen angels (the lower rank) that will be the aliens trapped in those biological forms. The Vatican will soon announce the Aliens, it’s no secret. It’s just part of the plan of the Evil rulers to trick people into following Lucifer. He wants every soul he can get. Why would the Vatican of all people release this info?

For those that do not see or understand what I’m talking about, please take a look at the world. Take time to research and see the big picture. The entertainment industry is full of Satanic worshipers and admit it. It is in fact owned by the Elite just like the media. This beast is big and it has collected many souls on it’s paths.

Is the media showing that Christians are being killed all over the world by this Rising Beast?

In Iraq over million Christians were killed or moved to avoid death. In China right now all Christian churches (over 100) are being demolished and Christians are dying! The pictures are heart wrenching! Have you seen them and do you care? Our veterans here cannot receive cards that say God or Jesus! We cannot pray with them at the Vet hospitals in the mighty name of Jesus. Our military cannot pray in the name of Jesus or have bibles! This is a Spiritual war! Our Flag offends people coming and living in this free country! That’s part of Satans plan is to divide conquer and destroy. I wish I had more time to get into the deep history of dividing a Nation. Do you sense the nation is not the same?

People always ask, “what can I do”?
PRAY! Pray with a reverent Heart!
The power of prayer changes things! God changes His mind the bible proves that!

Have faith!
Gods Angels have been sent before to kill armies! God stopped an Angel from destroying Jerusalem in the past …

1 Chronicles 21:15
And God sent an angel unto Jerusalem to destroy it: and as he was destroying, the LORD beheld, and he repented him of the evil, and said to the angel that destroyed, It is enough, stay now thine hand. And the angel of the LORD stood by the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite

Today Israel is under attack, it always has been. It is Gods land and chosen people. Why would the American government support Hamas against Israel? Why isn’t more people outraged at this horror? The fact that the Palestinian government joined Hamas terrorist and the US is ok with this is unbelievable. It’s part of the beast rising to accomplish it’s goal.

What do people think will happen when all of the Christians are gone? What happens when God takes away his presence from the world? Many will be left behind to take the Mark of the Beast. That is the prophecy of the tribulation that will come after the 7 year peace agreement. It won’t last but 3.5 years according to the prophecy.
Is it our duty as the watchman of Christ to warn people? To try to wake them up? Or is it that we turn a blind eye?

We can do something we can! Pray and wake others up to pray!

Prayer is the answer. God wants this nation to turn to Him with true hearts and to gain Victory for His Glory!