End Times Matrix News – Saturn’s Black Box


On this edition of ETMN, Kris joins provides some mind blowing information between the Saturn black box and Egyptian history.  The agenda is still the same by the global elite that worship Satan.  They want to enslave humanity in their Beast system and take obliterate Jesus Christ from creation.  Get ready to learn how the Saturn Black box relates to end times events and the scientific elites agenda to blow open the Revelation 9:11 pit with their CERN star creator.  Click the podcast link below to listen to this exciting show.

Sat2 Black Cube of Saturn Podcast Replay Link

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End Times Matrix News – The Scorpion King


On this edition of ETMN, Kris joins me to discuss her newest blog post on the origins of The Scorpion King and the connection to the Biblical Cain.  Kris has discovered some interesting connections and shares the last 1.5 hours of the show on this topic.  The first 40 minutes reviews the current breaking stories and their connection to end time events.  There is a brief 3 minute pause in the show do to a dropped phone call but the remainder of the show is loaded with a lot of insight on this topic.

scorpion2 The Scorpion King Podcast Replay Link

Show Links:

  1. Kris’s Scorpion King Blog
  2. Wesley Clark 9/11 Perpetual War video
  3. Iran Missile Crisis Video
  4. Drone Crashes on White House Grounds Video
  5. American Sniper Controversy
  6. TPP Trade Deal will destroy America
  7. Netanyahu To Come To Congress
  8. Perpetual War Doctrine

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The Scorpion CAIN (King)


Jesus told his disciples they had the Authority over demons and to trample on Snakes & Scorpions!


A Thousand Years!
Imagine living for 1000 years! What would the cultures be like throughout that length of time. Just in the short time I’ve lived compared to 1000 yrs a lot has changed like music, fashion, environment, development in cities and in countries!


10 Generations
Imagine! living 10 generations watching your families grow! What would it be like to be the first humans on the planet?


4004 BC
According to the bible around 4004 BC Adam was created by God. Unfortunately Satan (Lucifer) fell and corrupted the world with Sin. Adam and Eve lived in Paradise before they sinned.

“Days of Noah”
What was it was like in “The days of Noah” and even way before that? What was Adam like before all the people made kingdoms? How was it when the Fallen Angels came to the Earth? How did they get here and where are they now? Why was their offspring Giants and how long did it take for the Giants to be extinct, or are they?

On a spiritual and deep personal level I’ve done very in depth studies on the first cultures of the time before the flood and after. In the beginning I realized that in Egypt there was tons records, books and hymnals. I was very interested in this study because it was the oldest first writings besides biblical records I could find. (I would have a field day at the Vatican Library)

The first known written history was the Ogdoad the 8 deities that are still worshiped today through paganism (see my mithra link below). The Ogdoad was after the creation of Adam. (I will explain through this article how it ties to the bloodline of Cain and how he is the key focus on this whole corrupted world today). This also has to to with the New World Order and the coming of the Antichrist as well as the mark of the beast.
(See my upcoming “Solar Boat of RA” post to explain the Ogdoad & Ennead) Represents SATURN and JUPITER & the underworld.

(sometime after Cain -Osiris died)

Many of you have an idea who Osiris is, who Cain and Tubal Cain aka Ptah (Vulcan) are.

Please note that on this chart above it shows Vulcan (Ptah) the creator of humankind. This is not my belief as I know the true God made Humans, however it’s the understanding of the practices of the Egyptians in regards to THEIR beliefs in regards to what happened after Osiris was killed and could only be resurrected to the underworld. Besides this is dated AFTER Adam was created and only pertains to Egypt and gods of the Dead. This is the time when Osiris was resurrected by their myths.

Osiris IS Cain The Scorpion King


Aka Seken-ka, Scorpian I, Menes, Namar,Ares (Mars,Marduk)
Consort: Isis & Nephthys

00 Династия Египта (00 Dynasty EGYPT)
“Thinite Confederacy”
(Born in Sumer-Akkad)<<<Died in Egypt
His tomb is thought to have been comprised of two joined chambers (B17 and B18) found in the Umm el-Qa’ab region of Abydos.
(See link) records

Osiris aka CAIN
(notice his beard is just like Namars)

Osiris was the first known “Egyptian God of the Dead.” Later after he was killed by set (possibly Seth) there was a Battle for the throne to be King (RA). I believe when Adam died Cain was wanting to be the ruler of the world. We know *later* Nimrod (son of Cush grandson of Ham) was King of the world and he had Adams clothing and was giant.
(I believe they were leopard or cheetah print clothing).
Noah’s son Ham was a Pharaoh too according to the Hebrew bible texts his name was Khasekhemwy. I have tied this Pharaoh to Khufu the pharaoh buried at Giza with the solar boat. (I’m still working on) We know by records and The Bible Hams family was in Egypt.

Son of Noah


KHUFUs Solar boat shown in Hieroglyphs as The Solar boat of RA

When Adam was born he lived 930 years. He died around the same time of the famous Namar Palette December 25, 3117. This was around 3074 when Noah was born. At that time of the Namar Palette NOAH was already over 100 years old. Cain would have been alive and I do believe he is Namar aka Menes.
(The Scorpion King).

The world was very different before the flood. We don’t know how old Abel was before he died or how many children he had. Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old. According to the Dead Sea scrolls Seths Children married Cains daughters. Seth was the king of Sumer. This makes sense regarding the great granddaughter of Japheth (Cadmus daughter) Semele was Mut in Egypt. According to Armenian official records Cadmus grandfather killed Baal.


Japheth Noah’s son

The above info shows how the two bloodlines went to Egypt and combined families. Namar was the first King of upper and lower Egypt United. (I have lots more detailed info I’ll put on this in another blog)

“Cain Aleph Mark of the Beast Symbol”
All we know about Cain according to the bible is he was a farmer. Interesting in the Namar Macehead he’s carrying a plough. It is a symbol of the OX the Aleph (mark of the beast -later the Shin alphabet letter) This does have to do with Abel and Cain, killing him and maybe sacrificing him to Satan? Abel was known as the clan of the Bull in some texts. All of the Ogdoad and Ennead deities wear bull tails and their symbol is a bull. The Aleph sign which is the Tau the cross representing the 8.

Here’s my blog on the mark of the beast and Mithra that is a later cult tied to the Ogdoad
Mithra False Christ Sun Worship

Aleph Symbol
The sideways A the Aleph sign was the first letter shown in the Phoenician Alphabet. This is very significant because it is also the shin letter and the symbol of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast. This also ties to Hiram Abif.

Scorpion Macehead
It is made of limestone, is pear-shaped, and is attributed to the pharaoh Scorpion

The Plough is the letter in the Phoenician alpha bet that means Aleph..
Alpha (the Sun) Symbol. It’s in reference to the OX. This later became the Shin of the Hebrew Alphabet.


“Rule the World”
After Adam died His son Cain (Namar, Menes, became king of upper and lower Egypt. The bible says Adam had many sons and daughters after Cain and Seth. This doesn’t mean I think Adam was in Egypt, it is just the fact of leadership and rulers at that time. Satan wanted to rule the world and be god so imagine how that must have went. He was made god of this world after he fell. That’s why Jesus came to conquer Death and gods of the dead that fill humanity with lies.

Cain was genetically different because his true father was actually a demon named Samael. He learned dark magic from his Demon family, and taught to his descendants. This is why God marked Cain and sent him away from His presence because he was evil.

The bible says Eve says I’ve gotten a MAN, who was Cain from the Lord and then later Abel his twin was born and says from Adam. Through the lineage of Adam in the bible it doesn’t include Cain.

Cains Culture
The ancient Egyptian pantheon was an Imperial Religion of life, death, and rebirth through the adoration of the stars and secretive funerary magic. They were gods and goddesses of the Underworld. They traveled on the solar boat through the underworld.

The Namar Pallet dated December 25 3117 BC for a Winter Equinox and a birth.




I believe Cain was King of Egypt & Seth was King of Sumer. They appeared to look completely different cultures. However the artifacts and false gods were the same in both cultures. Through history they were in contact with each other and married each others royal family members.

Cains brother Seth was also known as Syiits, Seth (Hebrew), Siamak (Zorastrian), Sesostris (Greek), Urnansheth (Sumerian)
Clan of the wolf.

The names of biblical and Ancient figures can be very different in different languages. Many false are known in several areas of the world. They are known as many different names.

Scorpion Verse


Those who are Gods will be Sealed and no Scorpion Can harm them! Jesus is a powerful God He’s already won this victory. We all will be free one day soon in Paradise! This world is temporary Jesus says not to conform to the patterns of the world. Satan is the god of the world but Jesus can be Lord of your life and soul. If you have never ask Jesus to forgive your sins and be your savior please ask him now.

God Bless you

LINKS for References

Narmer Palette

Link Genealogy Cain


Ptah (Vulcan) aka Tubal Cain

Wife of Cain

Spitamid tribe Zillah Tubal Cains mother


Ancient Egyptian royal titulary

Ptah (Vulcan Hercules Tubal Cain)


Top left statue of Menes in a museum
Top right is a statue of Baal
Left bottom is Namar on the Namar palette
( he’s identical to Baal statue)
Center is Menes too w/I his beard
Resheph is also known as Baal Hadad nergal
Appearance can change over 1000 years time



“Royal Egyptian Pharaoh 5 Titles”

The “Horus” name is the first of five royal titles that were in use by the Fifth Dynasty. (First of five names is Horus)

The second title is “(He of) the Two Ladies” representing the king as manifesting, and under the protection of, the goddesses Nekhbet the Vulture of Elkab and Hierakonpolis in Upper Egypt, and Wadjet of Buto Cobra in Lower Egypt.

The third title is the “Horus of Gold”, with the Horus falcon above the hieroglyphic sign for gold.

SEDGE plant & BEE
The fourth title is often translated as
“He of the Sedge & Bee”

The sedge plant symbolic of Upper Egypt The bee symbolic of Lower Egypt.
This is also known as nswt-bìty, a title which expressed the many dualities over which the king exercised rule:
Upper and Lower Egypt
The Black Land of cultivation (Horus) and the Red Land of desert (Set)
Realms of Day and Night
Natural and the Supernatural

The fifth title is “Son of Ra”
This name claims a direct solar origin for the king as child of the sun-god. The Horus name was commonly written in the serekhs of ancient Egypt.
(There are a couple of cases in which the Horus name appears without serekhs, and only Peribsen and Khasekhemwy (Ham) have serekhs without the Horus name)

Khasekhemwy in the Hebrew Bible is Ham.

Ancient Egyptian royal titulary

Link to genealogy of Ham

This will be the first of several short blog series to connect to my big up coming Story on The Scorpion Cain King and many more interesting connection blogs coming soon.


End Times Matrix News – Orion’s Cube


On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I discuss for the first 20 minutes the State of The Union and politics and the one party system.  The remainder of the show gets into the many strange NASA missions and CERN related to opening the pit.  Speculation about the third blood moon in conjunction with March NASA and CERN events are examined.  Join in for this loaded show.

Timecube Podcast Replay Link for Orion’s Cube


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  2. JPL CubeSat Proposal
  3. 13th Constellation
  4. March Equinox
  5. Alice Project At CERN
  6. CERN March Launch 2015


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End Times Matrix News – Operation Blackjack


On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to cover current events as they relate to the End Times and the acceleration of False Flags to force a One World Government.  Join us for this interesting show on the fallen world we live in these days.

black1 Are We in Operation BlackJack? Podcast Link Here.


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7) Starmonkies Blog

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