New World Order Agenda

Bio: Opening the doors to evil is different than exposing it! As a Christian guided by the Holy Spirit I was shaken and awakened by God in Heaven to the New World Order Agenda! I was given the discernment and spiritual eyes to see the prophecy unfolding in today's times. There were answers I needed and I came across Tim's blog and radio show on the End Times Matrix News and I realized I was not alone in my search from the Christian point of view. The New World order One world Religion and One world Government Is no longer a conspiracy. There is a very Big Picture we need to see to expose the dark that started many many years ago. A lot of dots to connect and a lot of disinformation to weed out that's brain trash. Join my favorite blogs radio shows and YouTubes to see the exposed truth! Check out @ENDTIMESMATRIX on twitter for our latest podcast on what's going on in the world you don't hear on the news!

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