CERN And DNA Manipulation Anthony Patch Interview


This is the second of two segments done on the same day with Anthony Patch.  The issue of DNA mapping was discussed.  This is a new area for discussion on the topic of CERN.  As Anthony states, most of CERN’s current discussions center around opening portals and the discovery of the God particle or the Higgs Boson.  Anthony introduces the topic of creating artificial DNA in a triple helix fashion to form the Image of The Beast from The Book of Revelation.  This is the hidden occult agenda, man becoming God by creating their own creation.  The lie from the Garden is being repeated at CERN.  Listen now to this introductory discussion on this topic.

I will add an additional video which discusses artificial DNA and future shows will go into expanding on this theme.

This video begins discussing creating and printing DNA strands at time stamp 2:35.  You get…

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10 thoughts on “CERN And DNA Manipulation Anthony Patch Interview

  1. truth says:

    In regards to this most recent video interview (very good btw) and your mentioning of the Apollo (Apollyon-the ruling “spirit” from the Abyss) and DNA….I think when the “beast’ “spirit, aka the Destroyer, is released from the Abyss, that he, (Apollyon) will “possess” or transform this individual person who will be the “host body” for Apollyon/Abbadon spirit thru some kind of spiritual satanic ritual whereby that individual’s DNA is then changed or upgraded- thus setting the “example” for other people in the world to do the same as him….in other words, this “transformation” of this mere human into a BEAST person will also be an invitation to the world to become like himself -who essentially becomes “god” ….”you too can become like a god” that is probably how the “mark” is going to be “marketed” (pun intended) initially……

    The individual (the Beast/Antichrist) who will be the “host body” for the “spirit” of Apollyon (from the Abyss) will have had the right genetic bloodline (from Cain) thus making him the suitable candidate to “house” the spirit of Apollyon. Perhaps this is what happened to Nimrod when he ruled the ancient world at the tower of babel and the Most High God had to put a stop to it because he (Nimrod) was also probably encouraging his followers to “become like the gods” as well, promising them immortality. Nimrod had the capabilty to transform himself into a “god” thru the knowledge given to him by Satan and/or the fallen angels.And having the genetics from Cain as well, he too was the right candidate to house the “destroyer” spirit IMO.


    • Very interesting way to look at the marketing the mark. Maybe it’s after the head wound?

      I’m glad you brought that up about Nimrod and Cain’s bloodline. It appears Osiris (CAIN) was resurrected in the underworld by Tubal Cain which is Ptah aka vulcan & isis. This was the old system after the flood I believe .. I know nimrod had Adams clothing is interesting that Thoth wore leopard skin before that time as Seshat his female counterpart. The stretching of the cord ceremony was done first for Ham son of Noah his name translated is Khasekhemwy.

      Thank you for pointing out that it will be someone with Cains DNA.. I totally agree with that.


      • truth says:

        You’re welcome-Yes, I have always thought that the Antichrist individual will have the proper genetics going way back to Cain….apparently, certain elite bloodlines have more of a propensity towards being a suitable “recepticals’ (for lack of a better word) to house nephilim/demonic spirits. It is just easier for them to be used that way so to speak-the RH bloodlines perhaps? Anyway, I was told this.Btw, do you have an e-mail in which to contact you?


      • truth says:

        Hmmm….just speculating…perhaps the “head wound” the Antichrist receives is what gives the Antichrist individual the “opportunity” to be DNA upgraded/transformed into the god-like figure he becomes and whom the whole world then marvels at….not sure where I’m going with this but just some thoughts


  2. truth says:

    My thoughts: In reference to the discussion of Cern: It appears they want to create the “divine spark”…”The idea, most common to Gnosticism but also present in most Western Mystical Traditions such as Kabbalah and Sufism that all of mankind contains within itself the Divine Spark of God which is contained or imprisoned in the body.
    In these cosmologies the purpose of life is to enable the Divine Spark to be released from its captivity in matter and reestablish its connection with or simply return to God who is perceived as being the source of the Divine Light.”(wikpedia)

    In other words, it appears that the dark ones want to recreate their version of the connection back to God that was lost in the garden (?) When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, they lost their connection to God. Death entered into to all mankind.They want to offer up their own version of “re-connecting” back to God…aka the “divine spark” (God connection) being released, but without having to go thru the cross of Jesus Christ being “born again” (born from above) to do it…they want to do it (become “born again”) THEIR own way…..but not thru Jesus.So it will be a false “divine experience” transfer that has the “appearance” of divinity…but without REAL divinity from the true DIVINE one who is Christ Jesus.


    • Well said! I think they do want to get back to the garden and rule without going through the cross. They want to sin and be in paradise. When nimrod built the tower it was connected to 7 planets including the sun sand moon just like the Egyptian temples before that. He had the knowledge of the magic and astronomy. I think it’s interesting that cern is like the zodiac. They are looking for that spark I believe during some event for sure.


  3. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Hi there… haven’t talked to you in a while. For some reason it seems like I haven’t been seeing your posts in my wp reader, but maybe they’ve just been getting buried under other posts in there. Gotta get caught up on all the stuff you’ve been putting out there…


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