End Times Matrix News – The CERN OCCULT AGENDA Part 1


This is a special Author Interview concerning the pressing issues surrounding CERN and the hidden occult agenda.  CERN also referred to as the LHC in Switzerland is involved in highly dangerous experiments which will lead to the catastrophic events described in the Book of Revelation.  The elite Luciferians of the globe are involved in bringing Satan and his minions through a portal later this year.  Speculation is currently at September through November as a likely time when CERN will create enough energy to open this portal.  Listen now to the podcast replay of part 1 of The Anthony Patch Interview.

CERNp CERN Anthony Patch Interview Part 1

Show Link:

  1. Anthony Patch’s Free Books Available Here
  2. Marvel’s Age of Ultron Trailer
  3. Israel AquaDefense Article
  4. G-7 Bavarian Summit Meeting
  5. 2015 Grammy’s Satanic Fest
  6. Satanic Super Bowl Rituals
  7. Starmonkies Blog Post On CERN

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