CERN Interview w/Anthony Patch!


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Today Tim and I had a live interview with Author of “Diamonds in the Rough” Anthony Patch regarding Cern.

CERN has been a very big key in these end times and Anthony Patch has very insightful information!

Pt2 Interview with Anthony Patch on Cern

The CERN Collider will start up in March during the Black Sackcloth sun And in Sept the end of the Shmitah year (same day the pope addresses congress)

CERN represents the 8 deities in my opinion that represents the Swiss cross and the pyramid symbol all the celebrities flash.

CERN is an end time device with Sanskrit plates music the zodiac to open a portal. Anthony gives a very reasonable scientific explanation on how this mega device works!

Anthony’s Google Plus

Anthony Patch Facebook

Anthony’s website


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