Curse Of The Black Horse

Very interesting video of a Black Horse Flying in a storm over Saudi Arabia. Lots of interesting responses from Pastor Begley and TheGroxt1 (Mark)
Even earlier predictions years ago of a Black Monday! (See my calc below)

(Original)Flying horse seen in Makkah Sharif 2014 November HD

“Black Horse Flying In Saudi Arabia”? Lying Sign And Wonder?

Black Horse Flying in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The 4 Horsemen are coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

I have calculated a date (that could be wrong) I don’t like to predict dates but I see what I see and we are in the end times!

In the Be Ready video the number calculates to Nov 23 2015 which translates to Dec 1 2014 in Jewish calendar. This number 231134421 calc from the day it was published falls on this date in solar years.
The market will crash and the Trans pacific partnership will take over everything!!!! This will cause war in my opinion!

Check out Paul Begley years ago prophesying a Black Monday ! We just had Black Friday!

Prediction DEC 1
Although he had the day wrong God spoke to Him re Black Monday and we just so happen to have a video over Saudi Arabia of a Black Horse flying in a storm! And we just had Black Friday! And this day calc to Dec 1 from the be ready release! What are the odds ??!!

I hope New York will not get hit but we have seen the evidence of the past of the illuminati and their symbols! 100 bill a nuke hitting NY just like 911 and the twin towers on bills years before it happened.

This pic is in Both the be ready Video and the I pet goat 11


This is NY in winter showing a title wave and in the I pet goat a nuke hits with ashes!

The one World Trade Center is 1776 Ft tall. 1776 is the year of the Barivian Illuminati. 1776 on the dollar bill with the pyramid translates to 2016 for the New World Order! The pryamids are very prophetic and line up with the calendars showing we are in the end times. I did a blog on these dates that line up with Solomons temple as well. This is not a coincidence.


Another interesting video over Devils tower re a horse
Mermaid Goddess Spirit Image Appears In Clouds Over Devil’s Tower

Star Wars The Force Awakens. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.
Katy perry dark horse and the Phoenix

Stay in prayer pray for the lost! Call on the name of Jesus He is the Gate to Heaven! He IS God! The Only True God! All other gods are False!


One thought on “Curse Of The Black Horse

  1. justinecase2014 says:

    We’ll be rocking and rolling now! I’ve got to watch the videos you have attached here. We have to remember that this world will pass and so will the flesh… It has to where we are going. Dimensions are combining… along with some man made illusion thrown in for the mix. It’s a roller coaster a roller coaster of love. It’s going to be alright ❤ Praise Jesus 🙂

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