It Is Time to Rise Up Together and Demand HOVINDICATION…

We see as through a glass darkly

220px-Kent_Hovind_mug_shot Starting yesterday, the Father has taken hold of my heart and mind and lit a fire in my spirit, and I feel compelled to write the first in what is certainly going to be an ongoing series of posts about the current plight of Dr. Kent Hovind. This fire was first kindled after listening to this very recent phone interview – Digging for the Truth with Ark and Neo: Interview with Kent Hovind from Prison.  Immediately after listening, I quickly emailed my good friend Sam from God’s Property Radio (who is mentioned in the podcast) and he filled me in on more details, and directed me to this short interview, and podcast, which also gives information on the recent arrest of Paul J. Hansen as well: God’s Property Radio Coin Toss: Free Kent Hovind / Free Paul J. Hansen. I not only recommend everyone listen to these two audio files…

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