Warning! End of Days 5775-5776


2015 is here now according to the Jewish Calendar is 5775!

9Nania indigo flower
The girl who does these videos below is very gifted. Not only does she have dreams and visions she records them and shows PROOF. She WARNS of NY city disaster coming!

I myself had a vision in 2013 that is the same as hers re NY!

I’ve also been a watcher and an avid researcher since that time I woke up!

Please take these videos seriously and pray for Gods wisdom.

Keep in mind the Jewish calendar is 2015 now it’s a new year month 8 of the Cheshvan! This is significant to the month after the flood of Noah!

In the be ready video the date is calc to Nov 23 2015 which is Dec 1 2014 in our calendar! This is the day on I pet Goat that psalm 23 is in the video it’s winter and a nuke appears to hit NY!

This is my vision and not only that I had a vision of a comet hitting Ca.
(See 9Nania map of comets she was correct on nov 9 of the meteorite hitting Texas) it shook the ground. This is one of many to come.

The Thanksgiving Parade is on the 27th (20th in Jewish Calendar and note it is the 88th Annual Macys Day Parade) !!!

See how the connections fit in place with the symbolic messages and the UN ect ..

Check out the END TIMES MATRIX NEWS podcast tomorrow and updated info on these events with lots of more information and connections! See @ENDTIMESMATRIX twitter for posts!

11/15 Pt 1/4: Big Hero 6, East Asia Connections

11/15 Pt 2/4: UN, Micheal Brown, Texas Meteorite

11/15 Pt 3/4: TX Meteor, Comet Landing, Deep Impact

11/15 Pt 4/4: The Coming Rescue, Saving Christmas

Please check out Just in Case blog! Lots of connections and symbolism! A must See! Re world wide coins Texas connection …

Also subscribe to the bible decoder!

shmetah 5775-2015 The Final Warning


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