The Peacock Rainbow King


We are hearing a lot of news lately of the Yazidi people
(See below the dynamics of this war spiritually explained. Also see how the Peacock Rainbow king MELEK is worshiped all over the world even at the vatican)

In August the Yazidi were forced up Sinjar mountains by ISIS, with no water and no food. Those who do not convert to Islam are killed.


YAZIDI “Children Of Adam”
The Yazidis believe they are a group separate from all humanity created by Adam only. (Not from Adam and Eve -just Adam). They intermarry and interbreed and have always isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Yazidis call them selves “Children of Adam” and descended from Sumeria. (descendents from supporters of the *Umayyad* caliph Yazīd I). Their belief is Adam was created by 7 rainbow angels.

Although Yazidis believe a supreme god created the earth, they believe Malak Taus aka Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” and “Peacock King,” ***(LEADER of 7)*** was cast down for not worshiping Adam (although they say they created Adam). Malaks tears were 7000 years and put the fire out of hell. Therefore they think there is no hell and no concept for forgiveness.

Yazidis believe this demon fallen angel Malak (Melek) twas pardoned and given reinstatement chief position over angels. (It is believed they worship him out of fear not by choice)

In THE BIBLE Lucifer was cast down for wanting to be God in Heaven. A third of the angels fell and none were reinstated. That’s why Satan is tricking many religions into worshiping him as different gods. He is preparing to fool people into believing he is Jesus Christ as the Antichrist (the bible warns). Melek was the Serpent SATAN that tempted EVE by his 7 chakra tree of consciousness (himself) in which Cain was born (the serpent bloodline) of the 10 nations.


The Yazidi claim Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light of God in the form of a seven-rayed rainbow as A magnificent *bird* of seven colors which is a form he still today continues to manifest within to them (usually as a rainbow around the *Sun*). But the Yezidis also claim that Tawsi Melek and the *six* Great Angels are collectively the *seven* colors of the rainbow.

Seven angels are worshipped by the Yazīdī in the form of seven bronze or iron peacock figures called sanjaq, the largest of which weighs nearly 700 pounds (320 kg).

This demon leader of 7, Malak Taus (the peacock demon) was shown in the exorcist movie as the demon *Pazuzu* whom he is also known as. (Tawsi Melek has taken on MANY other forms throughout time including a bright light, a rainbow, a boy, a young man, a snake, and, of course, a peacock.


I have discussed this on many podcast, the names of Satan and how he associates with the 7 planets from Tartarus (Hell).


These Seven Angels have also been associated with the day of the week they were created. Tawsi Melek’s day is Sunday.

Jesus says He is The Lord of the Sabbath! Luke chapter 6


Yazidism (a kind of Yazdânism) is linked to Zoroastrianism and ancient Mesopotamian religions. (Mithra)
They are called devil worshipers by their Sunni neighbors as well as isis militants.

Some followers of other monotheistic religions of the region equate the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan, which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidis as “devil worshippers.

Yazidis have been branded “devil worshippers” by Muslims for centuries because of a similarity in the name of a spirit they worship, and the Arabic word for “devil”. The Muslims worship moon goddess isis who is actually the female aspect of Lucifer. So in turn they do worship the Same god.

It’s a divided war between a beings 2 sided aspects female and male. This is how Satan works to divide and conquer.

Yazidi and Muslims needs to hear the Gospel!
(Many religions portray themselves as Christians or part Christian religion but they don’t understand the true gospels)

Yazidi Support
(I do agree to support the Yazidis with food water and The Gospel) I also believe watchers need to take a close look of how behind scenes operate.


American President Obama to authorize humanitarian air drops of food and water onto Sinjar Mountain and US airstrikes against militants in support of the beleaguered religious minority.

American humanitarian assistance began on 7 August 2014, with the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force subsequently contributing to the relief effort. At an emergency meeting in London, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott also pledged humanitarian support, while European nations resolved to join the US in helping to arm Peshmerga fighters aiding the Yazidis with more advanced weaponry.

Recently, Peshmerga and other Kurdish fighters have been on the front lines of the conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

See Great Reference Links below









Jesus is coming soon! Anyone who calls on His name will be saved! This is why He came to reveal this deception and to save sinners.


Online book Re Yazidis vampire ancestors



Interview w Yazidi in Canada
Hindu connection Yazidi

Pagan cultures peacock worship vatican

Umayyad Caliphate

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Prior name :Islamic State of Iraq
Islamic State (IS),is a Sunni, extremist, jihadist unrecognized state and self-proclaimed caliphate based in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East.

Persecution of Yazidis by ISIL
Motive: Religious persecution, human trafficking and forced conversions to Islam.



3 thoughts on “The Peacock Rainbow King

  1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    wow, excellent research on the true heart of what the yazidi religion is all about. I looked into it a few months when they first started getting mentioned in the headlines, and it was clear that it was a very ancient Luciferic tradition, but I didn’t get nearly so far into all the symbolism and connections that you bring together here.

    What I suppose I’m still wondering about though is this; Why do you think the NWO folks decided to use their ISIS thugs to attack and murder these people, when in reality the Yazidi religion is something they actually practice themselves? Was it basically for the simple sake of promoting global sympathy for yet another occult system and tradition? Curious what your take on that might be….

    Overall though, seeing the centrality of the peacock in their occult hierarchy really helps explain why you see it pop amongst all the other modern instances of Illuminati symbolism in pop culture, corporations, etc. Fascinating….


    • The Yazidis are the same bloodline as the british royal whos Assyrian name is Saxe coburg gotha -German. They are just a purer breed. I think your right its to work the emotions of not just the usa but other countries in both side of the emotional spectrum. The elites cause both sides of the war and allow this for their gain. You prob knew that already. Its truly a shame how much control they have. I often think what if the yazidis cried out to Jesus what then 🙂

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