IXXI Google Doodle Beast

Life and Death of the Underworld

Unesco has declared the day of the dead as Intangible Cultural heritage of humanity..

The Doodle resembles a Mithra celebration of the false resurrection of their god Isis -venus.

DNA strand to venus from the flower of life.
(notice the left eye only showing – Satans eye)

Venus’s hair causes death in ancient mythology. See the graveyard after the hair?

This is a real photo from nasa of venus going around the sun. Notice her tail? Why does a planet have a tail? Venus is a Comet!

Venus doesn’t really have a magnetic field. The only magnetic field Venus may have comes from the interaction between Venus’s upper atmosphere and the solar wind.

The interaction causes electric currents to flow in the upper atmosphere which then create a weak magnetic field that streams behind the planet like a comet’s tail.

The planet Venus is associated with Isis, the queen of the Gods. As well as Moloch, Inanna,Tiamet, Nammu, and the female half of satan.

This Depiction of ISIS goddess is on several Freemason websites.

(Khali is or was worshipped as the Goddess of Life and Death.
Aphrodite, is the Goddess of Love and Death) they are both associated with venus. In ancient myths venus is a comet the destroyer- khali is known as the destroyer.

IXXI symbolism pillars and the center is death ..13 pillar
This is just like several religions offer food to false gods like here it’s offered to venus.

The cross buns are recognized on Britain. This type of cross represents death and the mark of the beast. We see it as early as the Egyptians as a symbol of venus. It’s on Marduks chest on artifacts and most all religions have this symbol of the Swiss type cross.

Cross Buns




Interesting how the Mithra tradition from the churches and temples of Jupiter Isis venus and saturn < real temples in history,carry the traditions till this day.

Jesus said not to worship the planets moon and stars.
He is the only true way to salvation and the Real God of Heaven beyond the Universe!


2 thoughts on “IXXI Google Doodle Beast

  1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Have you seen previews for the new animated movie “Book of Life”..? Seems like it fits right into this same meme that you are dissecting here, the whole Day of the Dead, death cult, Mithraism thing, being taken and yet again an example of occultism being cartoonified and fed to children….


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