End Times Matrix News – Utopian Deception


On this edition of ETMN, we cover the Utopian Deception.  The elites agenda to re-establish the Golden age or New Atlantis.  Sir Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis put forth the Secret Societies agenda for America and the coming End Times Deception.  The Bible speaks about the End Times Deception and the New World Order elites want to oppose the God of the Bible and enthrone their masonic antichrist.

UN UN Luciferian New World Order


1) Sigiriya Sri Lanka Photo Gallery (<<<Click)

2) Moundville State Park Page (<<<Click)

3) Ohio Serpent Mounds (<<<Click)

4) Megalithic Archaeology (<<<Click)

5) Transhumanist Manifesto (<<<Click)

6) Bill Gates Depopulation (<<<Click)

7) Kris’s Blog (<<<Click)

8) Stan Deyo’s Garden of Eden Research (<<<Click)


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