13 Monkey King Antichrist

Mark of the Beast
Cern and Gateway to Hell
Saturn Worship

The oldest Zodiac is 13 Ophiuchus


Why does Cern have Ancient Sanskrit on glass plates In Cern machine that’s shaped as zodiac?

Sanskrit the oldest writing to open gate and was used in 1000bc indo German.
Cern Shiva statue, their 666 logo, obamas monkey charm, rhesus DNA monkey from India (how did that DNA get into human veins) ??? (not all humans have rhesus monkey blood)
What do blood diamonds have to do with this? Is Cern a tool to open the gateway to Satan?

Obamas Monkey god Charm


Nostradamus predicted that *Geneva* would be totally wiped out.
Founded in 1954, the CERN Laboratory sits astride the Franco–*Swiss* border near *Geneva*. It was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and now has 21 Member States including Israel.

Symbolism is everywhere from the beginning of Time it’s all the same.

THE 911 GATE WORLDWIDE the 13th pillar is the center Gemini are the 2 and the new World Trade Center represents 13 pillar

Ancient gods and artifacts worldwide depict the very Gate that Satan will come represents 911 Gemini IXXI

Why has the Illuminati used this same symbolism over and over?

1997 predictive programming why the monkey ? DNA ? Ebola ?


What does The Indian Baboon Monkey King have to do with this scenario? Why is there a new tv series about the monkey king 13? Is it DNA the *rhesus monkey* that is from *India* have to do with DNA alteration or Ebola? Is everyone targeted those with the RH- and with rhesus monkey blood? Through different ways as rh- cannot be cloned or altered. No one can be who is sealed by the Holy Spirit!

Predictive programming 12 Monkeys series.. On the series the 13th monkey is the king.


See the gate ? The tree? 12 monkeys clip


The bibles says once the Abyss opens those with the seal of God cannot be touched!

There is a connection with all of this for the end times. What does the Elite have planned for those that will not reign with Christ? The tribulation is near, war is near and those left will take the mark or starve but it’s better to starve then to go to Hell. Don’t take the mark!

The flesh is made up as 666 man 6 neutrons 6 protons 6 electrons. Will the Antichrist have a solution for flesh immortality? All flesh dies. Only those in Jesus Christ can ascend.

The Antichrist is the number of one man 666…
The cern gate will be the gate to hell?
The Antichrist will give a mark not to buy or sell without it. Does this have to do with Rhesus monkey and the Indian god monkey ?

The oldest Ancient god is Ramanyana
The Monkey king


Vali is Ramayan and Thoth the Baboon
This is old art showing Gemini twins and Thoth holding with world.



Queens diamond biggest in the world called the African Diamond..notice the Swiss cross on top?



Diamond Planet 55



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