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On this show, I am joined by Kris to discuss many mind control related subjects that deal with controlling populations during the end times.  A lot of material was covered pertaining to Israel and the Gentile nations aligning against her.  The potential for major judgement and catastrophe is very likely in the near future as God’s covenants are violated by nations.  Listen to the podcast replay that covers an enormous amount of material even including 3d printers!

Mark-of-the-Beast-scan1-e1317263531972 Podcast Replay Link For Lucifer’s Matrix

Show Links:

1) Palestinian vote for Nationhood By UK MP’s (article/video) (<<<Click)

2) Ban Ki Moon Tours Israel Tunnels but still wants a 2 state solution  (<<<Click)

3) Judgement Against The EU For attacking Israel (<<<Click)

4) Ebola Deaths over 4400 and growing (article) (<<<Click)

5) Biological 3D Printing of Body Parts (article) (<<<Click)

6) Mr. Pickles Satanic Programming Cartoon Review Video (<<<Click)

7) 12 Monkeys SyFy…

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