End Times Matrix News – As Above So Below Part 1


On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss a lively discussion on the history of As Above So Below philosophy employed by the occult Illuminati elite.  This group of so called illuminated utilized knowledge handed down in secret societies to Luciferians that came from the fallen angels that are recorded in history by many civilizations.  Thoth was discussed as he relates to many other civilizations in different names.  So Lucifer the false light deceived civilization after civilization under different names.  This confusion of names has led to keeping the main population from fully grasping the nephilim connection to ancient gods.  So we are addressing the days of Noah and are seeing the world gravitate toward the occult and the soon return of the occult Messiah.  The old atlantean world and Megalithic grid system were discussed as it relates to the modern occultists who are recreating the…

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