End Times Matrix News – Antichrist Hybrid


On this edition of ETMN, Kris joined me to discuss the Syrian war prelude to WWIII and to continue to discuss the progression to the economic collapse.  The issue of Antichrist was discussed as it relates to End Time events.  This show covered many topics that are leading us up to a pivotal event in 2015.  September 25, 2014 is the beginning of the Shimittah year and the beginning of the global economic collapse.  We examine the role of Obama and his intentional provocation of Russia and China to force WWIII.  The Georgia Guidestones were also examined as it pertains to the recent addition made to the monument in Georgia.  It is a declaration that The New World Order see the year 2014 as the start date for their  Antichrist New World Order.  Join us now for the podcast replay below:

Baphomet Antichrist Podcast Replay Link

1) The Real Syrian Obama…

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