Resurrecting Osiris =Horus Antichrist

I made a short blog of my impression of I Pet Goat 11 with lots of gathered photos.

If you don’t know the story of ISIS goddess and Osiris = Horus PHALLUS obelisk, that’s what I Pet Goat is ALL about, it’s very obvious.

We see the same story in the be ready video and in most of the Entertainment industries in music and movies today. The obelisk symbolism is all over the world to prove this is indeed true.

In this video you will see the satanic rituals of demonic energy creating the antichrist Osiris =Horus.

Here’s the video clip .. (Please see my picture illustrations below) I could write all day on the in depth meanings but I won’t it would be too long.

I, pet goat II

Deuteronomy 17:3

And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded;

My observation :

The goat is representative of the followers of satan and non followers of Jesus Christ who reject Him.
They will be marked 666.
He is inside the cube the in a false matrix.
As he looks out of the cube he’s in a trance of the False light because the sheep soul *inside* the goat is marked.. The goat sounds like a sheep. (controlled by the mark of the beast)

The Audience here are the 12 planets and the oracle
Job 38:31
“Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion?

(Only God has the power)


Notice the roman Greek key on the walls and the teacher is doing the hex sign the entire time ..bush didn’t look happy to do this puppet show at first!


Bush was talking to demons and then he was overpowered in an exorcism that turn into obama who doesn’t need a teacher or puppet strings as he is willing. LOL is101 C7 and the symbol on his face like in space odyssey 2001 is Nibiru . Notice he has the black cube and the purple tassel on his head.


When Obama laughs he wakes up the oracle (during the entire video we see rituals and worshiping of fire and the moon) the lotus is a symbol of Kali who you see after the ritual and obamas eyes are fearful. He is used to bring the antichrist. The clock strikes 12 and Psalm 23 is on the wall. The entity containing Ra is depicted either as an egg or as a lotus bud.

The US flag is torn and destroyed


This same area in NY the same photo is in the Be Ready video.. This capture is from Be Ready


(The Be ready video also references to nibiru and the annunaki)

Next in I Pet Goat 11 we see Kali acting like Christ and immediately comes the antichrist rolling through on a boat. Bin laden is in the underworld wearing black wings worshiping the moon with a CIA badge. There’s a hex on the Statue of Liberty and Kali goes into her fiery scepter. (It is representative of the birthing of the new world order on the earth)


The oil spills in the Ocean that effects the moon as you will see ISIS with Horus dripped in oil – these spills were purposely done.


Next we see the egg of the world and the snake like scepter. The antichrist is communicating to it as it controls the market and the drug companies. All the evil is bringing him power. Everything is working through the eye of Ra Osiris Horus who is also kali and quetzalcoatl.. For a lifetime these demons have worked together.


Later the mask comes off of Kali and shows Baal Ra Osiris Satan free ..but before that a few things happen.

Oil Money Drugs run the world systems


This causes wars and the mosque in Jerusalem ? Is blown up by ufos.


After this we see the crows fly and turn into moths. KALI WORSHIPS ISIS and bows down to her.


Immediately you see obama he was a zombie as a child,a clone. Then you see the skull and bones tattoo. Like osiris and Horus they are one. He unties the purple string setting the demon free. Then we see russia fall. The green represents satan.


Here we see Russia falling and at the same time in the USA implementing Marshall law as death waits for the birth from the abyss. Kali is dancing worshiping the fire as this is happening ..

Russia with the hammer and cycle kali dancing as the bear.


The birthing of the antichrist continues


Coming through the dimension the Antichrist uses the fire from all the rituals sacrifices and fire worship. The Antichrist flows under the scepter and he is then illuminated with fire.



The masks come off

Next we see the old lady in the phallus castle with a magic wand and black and white fish jump into the boat of the antichrist.


The Antichrist rises from the abyss. Death is playing a symphony. People are destroyed and the old world system is gone.


Right as the Antichrist rises from the pit his son horus with the eye rises to the moon ISIS his mother ..He rises from the old Temple!


We see all the masks of Kali and the she turns into osiris the spirit of the Antichrist and then the Antichrist rolls out into peace and the pyramids are destroyed.


Maybe this is when the peace agreement comes ?after the Antichrist is here ?

Thanks for reading my view on this video. God Bless you all!





Ephesians 6:16
Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.


2 thoughts on “Resurrecting Osiris =Horus Antichrist

  1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    man…. “I pet goat II” has got to be one of the most jam-packed and multi-layered pieces of media ever produced. even just being 7 1/2 minutes long, you could spend hours upon hours dissecting everything in that thing! Even after having seen it for the first time several years ago now, it still blows me away. I can’t help but wonder if the people behind weren’t/aren’t actually being used by the PTB somehow, it’s just so full of stuff, and ultimately it’s another one of those “truther” pieces which on the surface seems to indict the NWO, yet is really just a total propaganda piece for New Age spirituality and the coming false messiah, etc.

    I also tend to think there is a lot of embedded MK Ultra/mind control symbolism in there too, particularly towards the beginning, with the Alice in Wonderland imagery and the checkered floor and everything…

    Anyhow, last night I was listening to an interview with Rob Skiba last night, and kept talking about how everything goes back to the Osirus/Horus thing. It was a really good interview overall, talked about a lot of interesting stuff. (

    It’s kinda funny how the more you learn about all of this “complex” occult junk, the more you realize that it’s really not all that complex really, and in fact centers around very basic concepts/stories that just go right back to Babylon. It’s just that those stories/figures/ideas have been repackaged and recycled SO many times, and been “encoded” into countless types of symbols and stories, as to make it seem like this big, vast “system”…

    I admit I’m still trying to understand the whole “cube” thing though. I mean, I sort of get it, but it’s still not quite totally clicking for me for some reason…


    • You said that well! it is recycled same ol thing. They just poison more over time and fluoridate! I wonder how smart I would be without all the poison? Lol
      Thanks for the link I’ll check it out. The cube is a very complex thing. I get it more in my minds way of thinking than I can explain. Maybe I’ll do a blog on it sometime and you can bounce off my thoughts with your wisdom. There’s a numeral geometric spiritual point of view. Its like a building block from the reverse side of things.

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