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Obama to address the Nation my my
Tomorrow AT NINE


On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I processed all the occult symbolism with the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.  This is the 13th anniversary of 9/11 which is the number for rebellion.  The Egyptian pantheon of gods was analyzed as they relate to the Osiris, Isis, Horus occult ceremony that is being carried out by the occult global elite.  The veil has been raised and there is no way of concealing the occult agenda anymore.  This is why we are seeing an escalation in The New World Order Agenda.  What is Obama’s role in welcoming The New World Order?  Is he some kind of cloned Akhenatan rebel put in place as the 44th Horus President of The United States.  Or is he just some kind of occult ritually born New World Order patsy put in office to oversee the destruction of America?  We will review The new Tolstoy Google Doodle that…

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