Nanu Nanu


Funny ? Or not ? What does it mean?

It’s very clear on Mork and Mindy there is a lot of cult symbolism. It’s old ancient and still blended into today’s society.. With rock bands freemasons churches movies and even graves …

The biggest symbol that stands out to me in Mork and Mindy is the Vulcan hand sign just like on Star Trek.

Check out Leonard Nimoy’s Testimony on how he first saw this hand sign in his church synagogue with chanters..

I was curious about the very meaning of this symbol so after research not only did I find the sinful satanic meanings but I found an ancient mosaic art inside of an old Jewish synagogue ..

Mosaic in Synagogue van Enschede, Nederlands


(Notice the hands are inside the satanic star of remphan) the bible speaks against this star and this false god)

Here’s another view from freemasonary


This symbol clearly is another salute to satan! Just like the other hand symbols that mock others right in their faces!


Just another symbol I wanted to point out among many in Mork and Mindy you have the egg the pyramid the rainbow and the vulcan hand shake..


The clown is a whole nother meaning .. Sad but true ..nanu nanu
Shazbot is also shown in cartoon Johnny bravo with an alien it’s everywhere ..conditioning the masses

It means 5th age golden age satan sin nanu nanu the laugh is on you ?



IMG_4555.PNG ..


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